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Holidays got you down? “Blue Christmas” Service of Hope Scheduled

The service is designed for people who “feel at odds with the feeling of joy and happiness that society expects this time of year,” such as those who have suffered a personal loss—the death of a loved one, a divorce, illness or the end of a job.

“The service will seek to comfort attendees by reminding them they are not alone and their feelings are honored,” according to Wayne Memorial’s Neil Petrosky, a licensed social worker and Grief Workshop co-facilitator.

Participants will have an opportunity to take part in at least one ritual/symbol for healing, such as lighting a candle in memory of someone or praying or just talking with another person. Trained grief counselors will be available to talk with anyone who needs to have a listening ear.

Petrosky encouraged attendees to “bring someone you know who is secretly hurting inside, who just couldn’t come to a party or who seemed to make an excuse not to be included. Include them.”

Grace Episcopal Church is located at the corner of Church and Ninth Streets in Honesdale. For more information, call the Church at 570.253.2760.


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