Outpatient Clinics

Primary Care, Radiology, Lab, Rehab, Dental


Wayne Memorial and its clinical affiliate, Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers offer outpatient services in a variety of areas.


For lab, radiology and rehabilitation services (physical, occupational and speech therapy), please click on those services on the left of this page. For hearing tests and devices, click on Health & Medical Services.


For primary care, dental and behavioral health, visit Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers,  to see information about: 


Family Health Centers

Carbondale Family Health Center....(570) 282-2031

Hamlin Family Health Center....(570) 689-9965

Highland Physicians Family Health Center....(570) 251-6500

Honesdale Family Health Center.... (570) 251-6672
McAndrew Family Health Center.....(570) 785-3194

Northern Wayne Family Health Center....(570) 798-2828
Pike County Family Health Center.....(570) 775-7100 

Pinnacle Family Health Center....(570) 226-2151
Waymart Family Health Center.....(570) 488-9770

Women's Health Centers (Ob/Gyn)

Honesdale....(570) 253-3005 

Lords Valley....(570) 775-8838

Hamlin....(570) 689-9965

Waymart....(570) 253-3005

Vandling     (570) 253-3005

Dental Services

Together for Health Dental Center....(570) 251-6534

Pike Dental Center....570-775-7818

Behavioral Health Services 

Behavioral Heath Center....(570) 253-8219

Pike Behavioral Health....(570) 775-4081

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